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2019: The year of Big Data

An eventful year is drawing to a close and a new one is just around the corner. Taking this as an occasion, we look back together on 2018 from the perspective of the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub and also give a small preview for 2019.

But before we take a look with you into the past and then into the future, we present you our new website. The biggest change concerns the start page, where we present selected use cases. In addition, we have increased user-friendliness and made the value added of the Data Intelligence Hub clearer.

2018 – the birth year of the Data Intelligence Hub

At the beginning of the year, our focus was on the customer-centric development of the Data Intelligence Hub. This meant ideation workshops with various customers and partners. We gained a better understanding of our customers’ needs, which were then directly incorporated into the development and future roadmap. The work with the International Data Spaces Association also produced very important findings.

Together we developed three showcases for the Hannover Messe Industrie (HMI), always with a focus on data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). The feedback at the largest industrial fair was overwhelming and again helped us with further product development. You can read about these showcases in the IDS Use Case brochure.

Following the Hanover Fair, we drew up a roadmap for the rest of the year based on the feedback collected, with the optimistic goal of launching the MVP (=minimum valuable product) in September.

And we delivered what we promised! Mid-September was the launch of our portal.

Even before the launch we were able to win two customers. Our first customer is the city of Bonn. They are testing the Data Intelligence Hub as a new Open Data Data platform and will be offering freely usable data in the future. You can find further information here.

A special highlight was also the Strata Data Conference where we presented the Data Intelligence Hub together with Cloudera and Ultra Tendency, the title: “Charting a data journey to the cloud”. You can read the blog here. With our partner Cloudera we also recorded a podcast called “Cloudera and Deutsche Telekom’s Vision for Data”.  It’s worth listening!

Overall, we were able to celebrate great successes together this year, but these were only the first steps. We will not rest on our laurels, but in 2019 we will give everything to deliver the best possible product to our customers.

2019 – The year of data

In the New Year, great things await us. Not for nothing, 2019 is called the year of data. We can expect increased demand for data and analytical skills, as well as an increase in the number of people who perceive data as a real resource.

In the new year, the Data Intelligence Hub will have new functionalities, more tools and, of course, lots of new data to tap the potential of data analytics, machine learning, etc. for and with our customers. In addition, we will increasingly carry out analytics projects together with our customers. Overall, this means that we will continue to expand our partner and customer ecosystem.

Until then, the entire DIH team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a good start to a successful New Year.
Happy Data!