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AI requires data for best practice

The basis of well-known innovative solutions, such as self-propelled means of transport and self-organizing warehouses, is a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence, which can only be made possible by sheer unlimited data availability and well-organized Enterprise Architecture (EA).

New quality in AI requires new quality in data – it depends not only on the amount of the data, but also on the relevance of the data. This proves that data is the new gold and oil of the present time. And whenever a new resource falls into human’s hands, it is provided in three steps:

  1. Punctual utilization
  2. Sharing by trading
  3. Foundation of an economy

Exactly this sequence can be determined now also with the raw material data. Therefore, the following four findings are reasonable

These points can only be achieved together, because they build on and condition each other.

In the first step, the extraction of raw materials or data, companies that have been using enterprise architecture for a long time have a clear competitive advantage, because they have organized the data in their IT landscape and the data “only” has to be extracted from the processes and IT systems and made available across the board. Thus, EA and EA Management (EAM) are confronted with new tasks and challenges, such as:

In order to be able to map this structured production technology of data oil, important points were defined in a workshop of the CBA Lab in 2018 (“Data-Driven Business Models”), which consistently strengthened and implemented the following EAM Capabilities:

Because without data no AI and no data without EAM.