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A data journey to the cloud: Keynotes

This year’s Strata Data Conference in London was the place to be for the Telekom Data Intelligence Hub as expert speakers from around the world shared their new data analytic approaches, case studies and proven best practices with the audience full of data scientists, analysts and executives. Besides, it is the biggest Hadoop conference in the world!

This conference was the next big milestone for the Data Intelligence Hub after the press release at the 18th of May. Sven Löffler, together with Robert Neumann (UltraTendency), introduced the Data Intelligence Hub to the Big Data Analytics community – which can be seen later on on YouTube. Be prepared!

Sven Löffler, T-Systems International / Robert Neumann, Ultra Tendency / Mick Hollison, Cloudera

As well, the both outlined how Cloudera Altus works on Microsoft Azure, which is part of the Data Intelligence Hub reference architecture for the standardized and secure data exchange between industries in the context of the internet of things.

“3 out of 4 companies believe that data sharing is important.” – a statement from Cloudera, who just published a press release in time for the Strata conference on accelerating enterprise Machine Learning from research to production. They announced that Cloudera Altus is now generally available on Microsoft Azure, marking Altus the industry`s first multi-cloud, multi-functional Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The platform offers Data Engineering for Azure, which simplifies and speeds ETL (extract, transform, load), data processing, and batch machine learning by reducing complexity, enabling engineers and developers to deliver more diverse data to data scientists, analytics teams, and downstream data products.

“Cloudera continues to be a strategic partner for us as we build out our cloud-based platform, which will support one of Europe’s largest and most powerful IoT data marketplaces,” said Dr. Ingo Hofacker. “We can establish and run data pipelines that support mission-critical machine learning and analytics applications with ease and at a faster pace with Cloudera Altus Data Engineering on Azure.”

Here you can watch the key note:

Happy Data!
Sven Löffler